Thursday, 21 June 2012

One of those days!

I'd worn my favourite, highest heeled shoes to school.  They are really very high, at least 6" including the platform.  They are also a lovely, shiny pink, and my best ever sales bargain - being reduced from £645 to £45.  They drew many admiring glances and comments at school.  The head did say that, much as she loved them, the school wouldn't be held responsible if I fell downstairs and broke my leg.  I laughed!  Being short I have become very good at wearing high heels.

The day passed off well, taught some lessons, did some marking, attending a meeting or two, and began to get stressed about an observed lesson that was supposed to happen this morning.  I came home to find an excited older daughter getting ready for Race for Life.  If you've been reading for a while you'll know that I said last year that I'd never run it again.  I had no objection to my daughter running it, but I wasn't going to do it ever.  But, come the day I got caught up in the excitement, and my intention of going for a run somewhere didn't last long when I found I could register on the day.

We lined up, fairly near the front, and off we set.  My intention to run with my little girl vanished when I realised she wasn't with me after the third bend!  I did stop and wait for her, but she didn't want me to run with her.  So off I went.  I was doing so well, I was in about the first 20 runners and loving it.  I ran through some trees, carefully avoiding all the tree roots (painted bright pink) at around 1.5 miles and then fell over nothing.  As I went down I knew it wasn't good.  A marshall saw me and rushed to my side.  My pride kicked in, and despite the fact that it hurt I picked myself up and said that I would 'walk it off.'  I walked and hopped-run to the end.  I have no idea how.  Tears were streaming down my face, but I was definitely going to finish.  I finished in 33.45 minutes and limped off to find my girl.  She doesn't do running, and only ever runs Race for Life, but she finished in 24.14!

Husbando met us and took me straight to A&E.  It was looking quite hopeful for a speedy turn around until two road traffic accidents (RTAs) were brought in one after another.  I was given a cocktail of painkillers which didn't do much for the pain, but seemed to cheer me up and stop me sobbing. The tears were more of frustration and anger than anything else.  I was so cross with myself for hurting myself in a race I hadn't really wanted to do.

X-rays revealed no broken bones, I've torn ligaments and can't bear weight until at least Monday.  No idea when I'll be able to run again.  My foot is hugely painful, and at a funny angle.  I can't straighten it,  can't even wiggle my toes.  I've spend most of my day with  my foot up with an ice pack on it.  I ventured to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea.  I was so proud of myself for working out how to get the milk bottle to the cup and back to the fridge, and then when my lovely cup of tea was made, I realised I had no way of carrying it back to the sitting room, so I stood, on one leg, in the kitchen to drink my tea!!

Please remind me never to run Race for Life again!