Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

So, in a moment of madness, I mentioned on Facebook that I would blog about boobs! This caused something of a stir, and I fear that anyone who does wander over here to read this will be disappointed!

I do love boobs! They are amazing things, they look good, feel good and mine have fed five children (just think of the money I have saved by never having had to buy formula or bottles!) I'd be lost without my boobs because all my clothes would be too big - and despite being pregnant and breastfeeding for most of my adult life my boobs have yet to sag so they still look pretty good!

But, but, but....they do need looking after. I thought I was fairly good at this: monthly checks for lumps (Stephen likes to help with this), always wearing a sports bra when running etc. But here's the thing, while I keep an eye on how many miles my trainers have travelled I haven't done the same with my sports bras. I didn't realise that they had lost a lot of their antibounce capability until I came home from a run a few days ago and as I took, or rather ripped, my bra off to get into the shower I whimpered in pain! This was not the infamous 'jogger's nipple,' my ill fitting bra had rubbed away the skin on the underside of my boob. It doesn't look much - the photo was taken a week after it originally happened - but it hurts like hell! I've taken to wearing Compeed blister plasters to stop me ripping the top off my skin every time I remove my underwear. Blister plasters are just so sexy!

So, the moral of this tale is that we girls need a good sports bra (or two) and that we need to check they still fit/haven't gone all stretchy in the wash. Blisters on your tender bits are not fun!

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