Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I haven't run since Sunday, when I ran 8.3 miles, this being most of the Alton 10 mile road race route. I started from outside my house and just ran round the circuit, but didn't add on the extra bit to the local school and back to make up the 10 miles.

I haven't run since then because I have a cough. I feel grim, mainly because I took cough medicine that enabled me to sleep through the telephone ringing on the bedside table next to me, and resulted in me feeling hungover when I was awake.

I am really worried about the race on Sunday. I have a busy couple of days coming up, an early start on Saturday (4am), sleeping in a strange bed on Saturday evening and losing an hour into the bargain. I need to shift this cough, and the associated lethargy! I have never approached a race feeling so ill prepared!

To make matters worse, the weather is beautiful! Ideal running weather! I know I am in a bad way because I don't want to run!

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