Sunday, 28 August 2011

Why do I run?

It has been a funny old week for me. I ran 12.5 miles last Sunday and felt very pleased with myself, well on track for Paris - Versailles and the Royal Parks Half Marathon. I had a rest day on Monday, and set off for a 6 mile run on Tuesday without a care in the world. Before long I was in tears! My calves were agony, every step was painful and I was too far from home to do anything other than continue. I did curtail my route somewhat (to 4 miles) and the pain in my left calf did ease off, but my right calf continued to scream at me every time I put my foot down. I got home, stretched, strapped on an ice pack and hoped for the best. I set out again on Wednesday, thinking that everything was OK, but the same thing happened, and I hobbled home. I spent the next two days 'resting,' got husbando to do some massage and set off for Parkrun on Saturday morning without too much worry.

I had all the children with me as a fire at a local battery recycling plant was belching out vile and acrid smoke. My oldest ran with me, while the younger four sat in the car watching a DVD! I seem to have lost my Parkrun mojo, I can't match the speeds I was getting earlier in the year, but I will persevere! I did consider not completing yesterday's parkrun - but having made the effort to get there, not finishing doesn't really appeal.

This got me to thinking about why I run. When I started running I did so to get fit and lose weight, I didn't worry about speed and distance, it was enough that I was out there, in the fresh air and getting fitter. Now I think I might just be worrying too much about pace and not relaxing enough and just loving running for the sake of running. This morning I made a conscious effort not to look at my watch while I was running. I knew I didn't want to run too far or too hard (in deference to my poorly calf) and roughly knew the route. It was fun and I covered just over 6miles in about 52 minutes.

I'm going to take it easy for the next week - short gentle runs rather than long ones!

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