Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Just a quick up date!

I'm doing a tricky taper for Paris - Versailles and the Royal Parks Half Marathon. This makes me cranky. I miss the stress relief that comes from going out for a run in the evening. I think we often confuse mental and physical tiredness. Sometimes I can come home from work feeling as though all I want to do it go to bed and sleep for a week, but going out for a run reinvigorates me.

I've been just about keeping up with my running now I'm at work. I can't run as often, so I try to concentrate on the quality of the runs, hill work and speedwork have been the order of the week! On Saturday, at last, I got a PB at parkrun! 23.16mins for 5k. It was a strange morning, we set off in a light drizzle and finished in blazing sunshine! Typical British weather. I wasn't aiming for a PB, it didn't feel as though I was running faster than normal, and I didn't look at my watch for the last half circuit of the park. To say I am thrilled is a mild understatement! My oldest boy came with me, and while he still finds it hard he is starting to enjoy it.

Sunday's 'long' run was a mere 11.01 miles! Cutting back a bit for the taper. I tried to take in what I thought was a long hill, but it turns out that, while it is fairly steep, it was only about half a mile long! The weather was 'changeable!' I got soaked and roasted in the space of an hour and a half!

Work is tough at the moment. So much to take in, so much to do in addition to the actual teaching - at times it feels as though the teaching is a minor part! The paper work is endless, and I spend an age each day logging behaviour (good and bad) on the computer system. This last bit is tedious in the extreme as it is time consuming, but not particularly intellectually taxing. It is the sort of job one could do sitting on the sofa, laptop on knee, with something mindlessly entertaining on the TV in the background. Unfortunately it has to be done sitting in school at a computer connected to the magic cables that connect all the computers to the mother ship (or whatever they link in to)!

My house is a tip, the children (mine) are playing up due to the huge changes me being back at work has made. I am hoping it will all be worth it and that everything will settle down soon!

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