Saturday, 10 September 2011

One week in....

.... only six weeks until half term!

So, I've survived my first week as a real teacher! I've met all bar one of my classes, sent a child out of my classroom for the first time ever, and set detentions for more children in one week than I did in my entire teaching practice!

I am exhausted! This has been the most hectic, tiring week of my life. Monday was an inset day, spent listening to lots of reports presented by people who didn't seem to think it would be nice to mention who they were or what their role was (despite the fact that this came after 10 new members of staff being introduced). Tuesday and Wednesday were mainly spent with tutor groups - getting all the admin sorted, settling in the new year 7s etc. with lessons in the afternoon only. 4 lessons in one day with the same group of pupils is trying to say the least!

On Thursday afternoon I was somewhat surprised to spot the head teacher at the back of my class, mid way through a bottom set year 11 lesson on ionic bonding. This class contained the sort of children who are mentioned at staff meetings and about whom meetings are convened to instruct teachers in ways of dealing with said children in such a way that does not end up with the teacher being attached to the white board by a chair leg through the heart! The head liked what she saw, thankfully!

I got out for a run on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings - it was a necessity rather than a pleasure! Either I went for a run or I risked killing someone! Only short runs (4 miles approx. each) but one of them was up the bl%dy, b@st@rd hill - so hopefully that is good preparation for Paris to Versailles later this month!

Number one son went back to school on Thursday, the same day husbando decided to decamp to York for the York bookfair. He seems happy with his new teachers and classes. I can't believe he is starting all his GCSE subjects already. He has been moved up a set in Maths - so is very happy about that! The other four children go back to school on Monday! That should be a fun breakfast/school run time in out household.

I think I am looking forward to work on Monday. As I said at the start, there are only six more weeks until half term!

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