Sunday, 8 August 2010

Back home briefly!

Well we're back from France, and for a short time the whole family is under one roof! We had lots of fun in Disneyland and the weather was kind to us. I do wonder about people in queues - surely if you are repeatedly stepping on the heels of the person in front of you then you will get the idea that you are standing too close to them? I like a bit of personal space, so sometimes find the queues a bit much!

I ran out of time for a run yesterday as I was ferrying children around, visiting a poorly friend and going to the cinema (Knight and Day was 2 very silly, but very enjoyable hours of movie madness). Today I had more ferrying of children to do, as they had a Kata course in Fleet. The only way I could fit a long run in was to run while they were at the course.

Had a lovely that included a circuit of Fleet Pond, somewhere I haven't visited since I was a little girl staying with my godmother in Fleet. I covered 9.25 miles in 1hr 23 mins - so a little on the slow side, but I did have to avoid the walkers around the pond. I tend to scuff my foot against the floor as I approach people so that they are sure to hear me - but they seem oblivious to just about everything! Today I had to cross a bridge that was about 1.5 people wide - there was no other route - so I got pretty cross when a couple stood at the top of the bridge chatting to each other as I waited for them to make room for me to pass!

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