Monday, 2 August 2010

The ideal pre run food?

I think I may have discovered my ideal pre run food. I had, lurking in the fridge, some left over cream cheese icing and, in desperation for something to eat before an early morning run a while back, I scarfed down a small(ish) spoonful. Strikes me that it isn't too bad a food to eat before a run, it has sugar for an instant energy boost, fat to release energy more slowly and protein in the cheese. It is amazing how I can convince myself that standing in the glow of the fridge's internal light, guiltily scooping cream cheese icing into my mouth is a good thing!

Yesterday's long run was a good one. 8.25 miles, slow but steady. Ran with Stephen - it is the furthest he has run in a long time - he prefers to run shorter distances but at a faster pace than I like. We are a long way off the pace we want to be at for Paris to Versailles, but hopefully we'll get there. I ran 3.25 miles this evening at what could be called a 'recovery pace' but was what I think was more a case of 'the fastest pace I could manage given that I was knackered!'

In other news.... Kitty appears to be having a lovely time in France, she's been up the Eiffel Tower in a thunderstorm, and is probably developing webbed feet from all the swimming she has been doing.

I'm reading a book about a serial rapist with a shoe fetish. I dreamt about shoes last night. Most specifically a lovely pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes (and matching bag) that I spied in Russell & Bromley....

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