Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I love my chiro!

Saw my amazing chiropracter last night about my dodgy hip. It has been painful, to different degrees, since the beginning of May. Every time my left foot hit the ground it hurt, and though it was tempting to hop on my right foot I did think I might get a few funny looks in Sainsburys if I adopted this strategy. My IT band is all out of kilter due to my over pronation. Stuart (aforementioned lovely chiro guy) bent me back into shape last night and has referred me to 'the foot man' who will sort me out with some orthotics to help keep me in shape.

I came home last night feeling better than when I set off to see him, and I woke up this morning with no pain in my hip at all! It was such an odd sensation. I have spent the whole day feeling almost as though something was missing, taking care with my leg and being amazed not to feel any pain. I was so used to the pain that it not being there was somewhat disconcerting!

Stuart said that I should be able to run more efficiently once I sorted out the biomechanical problems, and I took 30 secs per mile off my time this evening without really making a concerted effort to run faster - and it didn't hurt!

I am a little concerned about what Mike (the foot guy) will say about my choice of footwear! I can see how I will get orthotics into my trainers, but all my other shoes are backless, strappy, high heeled or a combination of the above!

In other news.... Freddy went riding for the first time today and loved it! We are exceedingly lucky to have a friend who has a pony in need of riding. I'm holding off on buying him jodphurs and his own hat until he has had a few more lessons, he has boots that he has inherited. He looked so relaxed and happy on Poppy's back.

Off to France after swimming tomorrow to pick up Kitty! She's been gone a week and I miss her. Won't have time to run in beautiful Maisons Laffitte as this is an overnight trip and the children have been promised Disneyland on Friday. We'll be leaving at sparrow fart to get to Disneyland before it opens!

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