Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It's rape season again!

No, not that sort of rape, although I did become a bit perturbed by seeing the same pick up truck 5 times during a 30 minute run! I'm talking about the plant that we in the UK know as 'rape' and which the Americans call 'canola!' This seems to be an ever increasing crop around here, it is beautiful to look at, especially when the flax is in flower too and we get fields of bright blue next to the bright yellow rape fields, and it smells lovely but it plays havoc with my hay fever!

I've forgotten to take my antihistamine a couple of times this week and ended up snivelling with tears flowing from my eyes as I run! Not a great look! I ran 5 miles on Sunday, having remembered to take the tablet - but only as I walked out of the door, so it hadn't worked its magic as I passed the first field. I persevered, thinking about all those people running the London Marathon as I managed my gentle plod up hill towards the next village. One year I'll be there too.

Yesterday was the first really warm run I've done this year. Lovely to be out in shorts, a vest top and sunglasses with some great music to listen to and wonderful countryside. Nice to think that I was working on my tan while I was working out! I'll be out again this evening, not sure how far or where I'll run yet, but I am looking forward to it!


  1. Last year they grew a field of rape over the road from our house, I have mild asthma and spent the whole of the flowering season gasping for breath! You're right - looks lovely but it's potent stuff!
    So what's your next big race? - the Bath half took quite a toll on me and my knees are only now starting to forgive me! I've been keeping fit at the gym but must get out more in the real world and I know now what I need to do more of for the Bristol half in September.
    Love your blog - it inspires me!

  2. I doubt I'll be doing the Alton 10, no way I can run 10 hilly miles at the moment. Next big race is the BUPA 10,000m, then I think I may have entered the British 10k (although I seem to recall saying I wouldn't because it was such a bun fight). Got Race for Life somewhere in there, and I've entered a 10k in Cranleigh - along disused railway lines. After that, it is the Great North Run and Paris to Versailles. All good fun! I haven't been to the gym all year - must cancel the membership! I am thinking of getting Zumba for the Xbox kinnect thingy so that I can do something on my 'days off' - I'll be more likely to take days off if I know there is something else I can do!

  3. Oops, forgot the Great South Run!