Wednesday, 13 April 2011

With a spring in my step!

Today may have heralded the end of the glorious weather we have been enjoying, but there are so many signs of spring around that it can't be long before it is properly warm all the time! Those of you who follow me on Project 365 will have been bored to bits with my photos of the tulips in my garden, so I thought I'd cheer this post up with a picture of the first blossom to open on my apple tree!

Today has been a momentous day. I posted my final PGCE portfolio to my tutor for him to assess and pass up the chain of command which will hopefully lead to me achieving Qualified Teacher Status in June. My desk looks oddly bare without the huge Open University file sitting there mocking me for not doing enough work. I dare say that my office will look an awful lot better once I get rid of all the piles of paperwork that have been kept 'just in case' I need them.

So, what did I do to celebrate this wonderful achievement? I went out for a run. As you know, I've been finding it tough lately, my brain is not coping well with the fact that my body is not very fit and wants to push on despite my lungs protesting! I decided to take it easy, I put an audiobook (The Black Echo by Michael Connelly) on my iPod and set out along the road to the next village. I normally reserve books for long, slow runs when I don't want to compete with a beat and run too fast too soon, but decided that as I am struggling with speed and distance I would just concentrate on going further than I have been over the last week. If I can build up the distance I can work on the speed later. I ran just over 4 miles, trying not to get too downhearted about the speed (or lack thereof) and just enjoying being outside.

Tomorrow is a busy day. Up to London to meet a friend for some shopping and an early lunch. Then on to the Absolute Radio studios to see a live session with Tim Minchin - we won tickets in a radio 'phone in! I can't wait. Think I will wear purple shoes. I have no idea what to expect - but am excited! Needless to say, I'll report back here tomorrow or Friday.

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