Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I'm not superstitious, but....

I am not superstitious.  When out running with Husbando a wee while back I noticed that he always touches a certain tree as he runs past it.  He said that to run past it and not touch it would just be wrong.  I laughed at him.  A lot.  And then I declared that I didn't have any such superstitions.

So I was rather ashamed to realise that I do have 'running habits!'  There is a road sign I run past fairly often with two posts about 18" apart and I invariably run between those two posts.  I don't think about it, I just do.  I told myself on Saturday (as I ran back from dropping the car off at the shop for Husbando) that I would break this habit, but I regret to inform you that I ran through the gap before I realised what I was doing!

I did break another habit on Saturday.  I ran parkrun without carrying a water bottle!  I shouldn't need a water bottle on a 3 mile run, but I suppose the water bottle had become a bit like  a comfort blanket - I liked knowing that it was there!  I hate feeling as though my mouth is dry, and in the summer a water bottle is essential when running around the country lanes.  How else is one to wash bugs out of eyes and mouths?  Of course, I hadn't planned to run without water - I'd just forgotten to bring it with me!

Another habit that I want to break is that of slowing down to get water at water stations in races.  I don't need to stop for water.  I have a perfectly good water bottle in my hand, that always has some water left in it at the end of my longest training runs, so why do I follow the crowd on race day and jostle for a plastic cup of tepid water that I normally end up spilling in an attempt to get it to my mouth while running carrying an open cup and a water bottle?

The Bramley 10 is looming ever closer.  I only managed a 7 mile run last Sunday, and that was hard work.  I know I can run 10miles, but I'm not hoping for any great speed.  I hope to get out for a 9 or 10 miler this Sunday, and then take it easy until the weekend of the race.  Looking at my recent training run times, I'll be lucky to finish in under an hour and a half.  Maybe I should run a sweepstake to see how many of the 20 mile competitors finish before me!

School continues to be bonkers, maddening, frustrating, hilarious, tragic and rewarding to varying degrees!  Half term cannot come soon enough (29 lessons to go!) as I think the whole department needs long lie in.  Having lost 2 members of the department at Christmas we have been somewhat stretched, re-jigging timetables etc. to make sure all the lessons are taught.  Two new members were appointed this week, they will be starting after Easter, so it is all change again!

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