Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello 2013!

Goodbye 2012, and what a year it was.   Most of it good, some of it bad, but what doesn't kill you just emotionally and physically scars you for life makes you stronger!  In 2012 I ran more miles than ever before, 1181 miles as opposed to my previous maximum of 880, and ran further than ever before, finishing my first marathon, and yes I do mean first.  I will run another marathon.   I've run 42 parkruns, which surprises me because I feel that I am there every Saturday!   I have had two nasty fall, my knee still hurts (and has some impressive scaring) from the first, and the second saw me on crutches for 6 very long weeks at the start of the summer.

The glimmer of speed that was starting to emerge in 2011 was thoroughly quashed by these injuries and, let's be honest, by the consequent weight gain.  How I managed to run 26.2 miles still amazes me, surely a case of mind over matter, especially in the final few miles.

Today I started the year as I plan to go on, with a parkrun and then another 3 miles on my own, later in the day.  I ran with my youngest boy, we went slowly, running at his pace.  I love encouraging my children to run.  So far the boys are fairly keen, my youngest tries her hardest, but isn't quite up to the challenge of 5km yet, and carrying her on my back is very hard work.  My 13 year old would only run for a bus, or if Josh what's-his-name from The Hunger Games was waiting at the finish line.  Five of us were there today, with Husbando (recovering from 'flu) taking photos, one of the strengths of parkrun is that it is something that the whole family can take part in.  It doesn't matter how fast or slow you are, everyone will make you welcome.

So, goals for 2013...  I'm not sure really.  What is more important than any target is that I remember why I run.  I don't run to be faster than another runner, or beat a certain time.  I don't particularly run to lose weight (I must be the only person ever to train for a marathon and not lose any weight), and I don't really run for any of the many health benefits.  I run because I enjoy it.  I run because I always feel better after a run than before hand.  Just getting outside and running in the fresh air, especially if you manage to get out in daylight, is such a boost.  The countryside around here is beautiful, even if does include more than a few challenging hills.

I've entered a few races, and am toying with the idea of entering a few more, but I'll wait and see how I feel in a week or two.  I will, of course, carry on with parkrun - I should make it to 100 runs this year and at least one of my children should make it to 50 parkruns.  I may get to somewhere near my PB, but even if I don't I know that I will have great company both on the run and for a coffee afterwards.

Happy new year to you all.  And keep running.  Or start running - who knows, you may find you like it!

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  1. Running for enjoyment is surely the best reason there is. Happy New Year!