Friday, 18 January 2013

I think I have caught the bug.

Yesterday, as I tried to convey the finer points of Newton's Laws of Motion to my Yr7 set 3 class, and the demonstrate the finer points of pedagogy to our new PGCE student, I kept looking out of the windows.  My lab is what estate agents would call 'double aspect' so I have a fantastic view of the scaffolding, the other school buildings and out into the countryside, but I wasn't admiring the view.  I was checking to see if it was snowing yet.  I wanted to go for a run, I really wanted to go for a run quite badly.  The prospect of snow may have been filling my class with excitement, but it was threatening to curtail my weekend running and I felt like a child who had been told I couldn't have my favourite treat -  it just made me want it more.

I sneaked out of school, slightly guiltily, as the majority of my colleagues were staying for the long haul of a Yr8's parents' evening, not teaching this year group gave me the chance to get out of school while it was still light for a change. It was still almost light when I got home, so I threw on some running gear and a head torch and set out.

It was snowing, not heavily, but it was starting to settle.  The roads were clear, but the foot paths were becoming more and more treacherous.  Every step was a calculated risk, and whilst it was not a relaxing run as I had to keep my wits about me, it was a challenging and enjoyable one.  Strangely (!) I didn't see any other runners out there.  They were missing out.  The temperature was around 0ÂșC but really, once you get moving you warm up pretty quickly.  Then it is just a case of keeping moving until you get somewhere warm!

It seems that I really have caught this running bug.  I've resisted for a long time, but there is no doubt about it, I am well and truly hooked on running.  Today I became, thanks to Husbando, the proud owner of a pair of YakTrax so now I can run with increased confidence in snow and ice.  Is it wrong to be excited about this prospect?  I also managed to acquire a rather snazzy pair of Gore running gloves - not quite sure how that happened, I have been surviving quite well on one pair of running gloves for quite sometime, but this pair is very lovely.

Tomorrow I hope to try out my new bits of kit at Newbury parkrun.  I am hoping that the roads are clear enough to allow me to drive that far.  A friend is celebrating his 100th parkrun and there are promises of cake.  Strangely this promise of cake excites me even though I have been avoiding carbs for several weeks now and know that I won't eat cake tomorrow.  I think the thought of cake makes me happy - almost as happy as the sight of cakes and without the guilt and calories involved in eating the cake!


  1. Interesting about the YakTrax... looked them up and going to purchase some from Go outdoors only £8 with discount card :)

  2. I used them at Newbury parkrun today. Certainly felt more secure than running without them would have done.