Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Do you ever have days that just don't feel right?

I am down in the dumps because my university has not been able to find me a school where I can finish my PGCE. I have one more 10 week placement, then (assuming I can complete all the assignments etc.) I will be a teacher! The OU have been useless only contacting four schools in 4 months. I have been in touch with loads of schools, but they are all tied in to bricks and mortar universities. I am going to have to start looking for a job soon as I can't afford to continue being a student much longer. I should have been finished by now - they have been looking for a new school for me since the beginning of November!

Anyway, that's by the by, but may explain my not really appreciating the lovely weather today. Shorter run than normal, 4.8 miles and slow! I went on an expedition down a footpath and ended up in a neighbouring village. As we normally drive to that village I had no idea that it was so close. Ran up the hill we normally sledge down in winter. 'Ran' is an overstatement - it was so muddy I ended up slipping and sliding and staggering up the steepest bits. I will use this route again - or use the footpath to return home from having run to the village along the back roads as it will avoid crossing the dual carriageway. I love having GPS on my iPhone, even if I don't know where I am going I can at least see where I have been!

Feet are playing up - think it is time for new trainers as I have blisters on both insteps today :-( Must find the compeed before I run tomorrow and I think I need to go to a different running shop. The place I normally go to is good, but I suspect that the staff there know me as 'the woman who wears Asics' and don't look too closely at my gait anymore. It will be interesting to see whether a fresh pair of eyes makes a difference. That will have to wait until the children are back at school though.

In other news, my oldest child becomes a teenager tomorrow! Where did the years go?

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