Monday, 26 April 2010

London Marathon Day!

No, I wasn't running in the marathon, I didn't even catch any of the coverage on the TV, which is a first for me. It was a busy, busy day though! The two younger boys (5 and 8) had karate gradings that they needed taxiing too and from. The gradings are held in the most boring sports centre ever, no cafe, no play area, just some depressing chairs to sit and wait on. One child was grading at 11am and the other at 1pm, so with three other children to consider it was a logistical nightmare. Somehow it all went smoothly, and they now have a green stripe and a brown belt between them.

On our arrival home we found an old friend waiting for us - she'd popped in for coffee and a chat as she was home visiting her parents. She and Stephen took the children to the park and I went for a run. Weather was lovely, going was good until about mile 4 when the plaster on my blister (one of those expensive blister ones) started to rub as it curled up my instep, so I stopped to take off my shoe, my sock and the plaster, replace sock and shoe and carry on with a slight limp! At mile 5 the heavens opened! I'd taken a day off from my contacts so was wearing glasses, and had no cap on as I hadn't anticipated rain. At times I was practically blind and by the time I got home I looked like a drowned rat. Still, I managed 7.64 miles in 1hr 11mins, including my shoe stop, over an 'undulating' route. Only three people asked me if I had strayed from the Marathon route, but then again I only passed three pedestirans. I was very glad to have a hot shower when I got home. In the same way that you appreciate food much more when you are really hungry, a hot shower is so much better when you have been really cold and wet.

A consequence of running with a slight limp is that I have strained my ankle a bit. It is OK most of the time, but I decided to rest today, apply ice packs as and when I can, and will probably take it easy tomorrow.

In other news, oldest boy managed 3 hours back at school, before being in so much pain he had to come home. We'd seen the consultant this morning who is going to get him ultrasound scanned 'just in case.' But we think it is just going to be a long slow haul to get him well again after his operation. The consultant read his notes to us, impressing on us how seriously ill he had been before his operation, and how we are lucky to have him.

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