Friday, 9 April 2010

My planned route didn't work out! If a pathway is known as 'Water Lane' in local mythology there is normally a reason. The path was a river! 4" bank down one side - but I didn't want to risk it so turned around went up Windmill Hill and had a loop around King's Pond instead.

I did a few fast intervals in today's run, and in general felt good about the run, although a bit peeved that I couldn't go where I wanted, and had to go across a dual carriageway and up a steep hill instead! Still slower than I'd like, but running on the roads is not like running in a race is it? I have to stop for traffic, avoid cyclists, jump into the verge to avert a collision with oncoming 4x4s and spend a wee bit of time scratching my head wondering which way leads home!

I ordered some cards with the url for my justgiving page for the Bupa 10,000m - they arrived today and I have to say the cards are lovely. Will be handing them out to all and sundry in the hope of attracting a bit of sponsorship! Also got postcard invitations for my youngest son's birthday party - each postcard has a different photo of him on it, so I've been able to do postcards with pictures of the recipient on them - very cool!

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