Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sun, sun, sun.

Well, the weather was glorious this morning - strange yellow thing hanging in a bizarrely blue sky - and as we had a busy day planned I decided to go for a run while DH did the school run. Made a big show of getting my old sunglasses out of the car before he drove off with them, put them off the top of my head so I wouldn't lose them, then took them off and put them on the desk while I took my hoodie off and forgot all about them until I got out of the house, down the street and couldn't be bothered to go back and get them! The sun on wet roads was quite blinding. I think I was a match for it in my brand new, bright pink running top though. Have to say that although it was sunny it was blooming freezing! I tried to concentrate on keeping my shoulders relaxed, but that made running really hard - so I decided to do 5 minutes concentrating on it and 10 minutes running as I normally would, it has got to be better than nothing. Ran for 60 minutes, and felt as though I still had a lot to give at the end - so am going to start incorporating a longer run into my training schedule - how long will depend on how lost I get. At least the 'Map my run' app on my iPhone will tell me where I have been when I get home! The rest of the day was taken up with middle child's much belated birthday outing (part 1) - a trip to see 'How to tame your dragon 3D' with two class mates. He needs to plan another trip with two other friends as they are on holiday - so he gets a very extended birthday. I love it now they are getting older (8th birthday) and will do civilised things like the cinema and eat at nice places (Wagamama today). Lovely hubby bought me a cherry stone thermal neck pillow, so that will be popped in the oven to warm up this evening and he has promised to massage my shoulders for me. Anyone would think he feels guilty about going out with his friends tonight! I've decided to run the British 10k in aid of my village school - they are fundraising for two new classrooms to replace temporary portacabins that were installed 20 years ago. Children deserve better learning environments than huts that are freezing in the winter and ovenlike in the summer. So have spent a while fiddling around organinsing a justgiving page for that. I'm also running in the Bupa 10,000m raising money for Cancer Research UK.

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