Saturday, 1 October 2011

Heatwave central!

Wow, what a week we have had weather wise! Summer seems to have arrived a wee bit late this year, just as I was thinking of packing away my summer clothing for the winter.

After a busy couple of days catching up on 'stuff' after last weekend in Paris, and mindful of the fact that I am supposed to be tapering, I haven't managed too much running this week. A couple of 4.5 mile runs in the evening sunlight were really magical, and reminded me why I love running so much. Beautiful scenery and a chance to be out in the fresh air enjoying a stunning sunset. I bought new running shoes early in the week and am trying to get used to them. I know they aren't fashion accessories, but this pair are seriously ugly and a nasty pastel yellow. That said, my toes feel better in them so that is a good thing! I'll try them out on a longish run tomorrow and see how they feel before making a decision about what to wear for the Royal Parks Half Marathon.

This morning dawned sunny and warm and number one son and I set off for parkrun. Due to the set up for the Basingstoke Half Marathon tomorrow we were at the much loved (!) alternative venue on the Crabtree Plantation. Was great to see a fellow parkrunner celebrate his 100th run! Well done Colin! I'll get there one day - but have a LONG way to go. I had an equipment failure today. Just before the run started I noticed that my Garmin had frozen. I didn't have time to sort it before the start, and couldn't remember how to sort it as I was running - so spent a fair amount of time fiddling with it while trying not to trip over! I found it quite unnerving not to know how fast (or slow!) I was running. The sun was beating down, and the hills were quite punishing - I think I am fairly happy with the steady 24.34mins that it took me today. I'm going to have to dig through the results to try to work out how fast I ran it last time. I was overtaken by a runner pushing a buggy... that isn't demoralising at all....

Thanks, as always, to the organisers! And good luck to all the parkrunners who are taking part in the Basingstoke Half Marathon tomorrow.

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