I'm taking another couple of days off running, didn't run yesterday, won't run today or tomorrow, to see if that helps my hip, but Iwill not forgo my long run on Sunday unless I am at death's door! I love my long runs Smile Will plan it better so that I don't run up the bl%dy b@st@rd hill on Sunday though, as that puts too much strain on my hip too near the beginning of the run.

I've decided that I will run the Paris to Versailles (10mi) on 26th September rather than Run to the Beat (half marathon). And those of you who read my blog will be amazed to hear that I have entered DH for it too! It is his birthday that day, and he was keen to run it too. He is, gradually, getting used to the fact that I would rather run long distances slowly than short distances quickly! I'm not sure I'll ever feel comfortable running with him, I always feel that I am holding him back. I've been looking at the route for the Paris - Versailles, looks like there is just one hill, which isn't quite as long or as steep as the aforementioned bl%dy b@st@rd hill near here (it is only 1 mile long and a max of 7% as opposed to nearly 2 miles long and a max of 10%).

I've entered myself for the Bath Half, but am stressing as there is a good chance I will be on my final teaching practice, so will have very little time for training. But I made a commitment to do this race before I realised how awful the OU were going to be and thought I'd be long qualified by now! My best hope at at teaching prac is one I've organised (tentatively) myself through a friend. It is an almost 4 hour round trip every day, and I am dreading it! Part of me wonders if there is a Travel Lodge, or similar, nearby and if I could negotiate a discount rate for 3 or 4 nights a week. I'd hardly see anything of the children if I was at home, but I really worry about Stephen being able to keep on top of the homework, housework etc. etc.

Have a good weekend everyone! If you haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet it is well worth a watch.