Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shoe dilemma.

I bought new running shoes a couple of weeks ago. My old pair were well looking a bit knackered, my little toes kept going numb, and I was losing lots of toe nails. Toes going numb is OK, and infinitely better than the mile or two of 'very painful little toes' that precedes the numbness.

The new shoes are ugly. I know it isn't a fashion show, but who on Earth at Nike though that pale yellow was a good colour? They don't hurt my little toes though, so surely that is a good thing. But, but, but.... I've run about 20 miles in them now (including last Sunday's longish run) and, while they aren't uncomfortable and don't hurt my feet, they don't feel right. I feel as though I am running with my feet in a weird position when I run in them. I had them fitted by the lovely people at my local running shop and, when I looked at the video playback of me running on the treadmill, my feet looked as though everything was fine, it just doesn't feel that way!

I'm not sure what to do. I have the half marathon tomorrow, and I don't know whether to wear my old friends and suffer the pain (which at least gives me something to think about while running) or the new ones and feel weird for 13.2 miles! Apart from this, I think I am almost ready. My name has been ironed on to my shirt, I know roughly where I am going, have planned what to have for breakfast and when. All I need to do is get a good night's sleep!

In other running news..... Well, I've been tapering, so not a lot of running has been happening this week just two shortish runs to keep me ticking over. Part of the problem with tapering is that I worry about losing fitness, another part is that I spend the time I would have spent running looking at yet more races I could enter. I am thinking that if I stick to entering 10ks where I am not worried about getting a PB then I won't need to taper. I may sign up for a localish one in October....

I volunteered at parkrun today. Being a free event they rely on each runner volunteering at least 3 times a year. I like volunteering as it makes me feel as though I am really a part of parkrun. Not sure I'll be asked to put the kilometre markers out again, as the 2k marker was miles off and the 3k marker managed to detach itself from its post and was last seen flying in the wind! I blame my age! I still have no idea how long a kilometre is - although a fellow parkrunner did point out that I should try to think of it as 1/5th of a 5km race..... helpful that!! J came with me again, and the younger children played in the playground while he ran and I stood around in the cold 'volunteering!' He is getting faster, and starting to enjoy the post run buzz! He has decided to do parkrun as the physical part of his bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and is hoping that regular volunteering at parkrun will count for his voluntary work commitment.

Right, must plan what to have for supper tonight, and get an early night.... Wish me luck (and stamina!) for tomorrow!

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