Monday, 3 October 2011

Wake up Mrs!

Yesterday morning I ran to breakfast!

I set out at about 7.15 to run 8.5 miles to Farnham, where I planned to meet husbando for breakfast at Côte. I'm glad I set out early, because the weather got very hot pretty quickly. I'd never run this route before, but had driven it a fair few times so was confident I knew where to to. I set off through the villages, listening to my music and enjoying the sun. I overtook a parked car, soon after I passed it it passed me, carried on for a wee while and then stopped. I passed the car, it then overtook me. I was starting to get just a little bit freaked out by this, wondering if I should stop and go back the other way. Just as I was about to do this the driver leaned out and asked if I needed a lift - it was the owner of our village shop who was out delivering Sunday papers!

Most of the route was on country lanes, or roads with pavements, but there was a section, probably about 2 miles, along an A road with no pavement. You'd think 8am on a Sunday morning would be fairly quiet, but it was incredibly busy! I would have sped up a bit - but it happened to be an uphill 2 miles! Still I arrived safely and was rewarded with eggs Benedict for breakfast while sitting in the sun!

I am tapering for the half marathon on Sunday, so have not done too much running this week, just 4 miles on Monday and 3.35miles today. I think that will be it now as the next few days are busy. I'm volunteering at parkrun on Saturday - I know that I wouldn't be able to 'take it easy' and it isn't worth the risk of injuring myself!

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