Thursday, 13 July 2017

It doesn't look that far away!

11th July

A steady climb brought us back up to 4600m and base camp! The summit looks quite close, but in reality there are another 1200m (over 3700ft) of elevation to conquer tomorrow. 

We will spend this afternoon in camp, and go to bed for a few hours after an early supper.  We leave camp at midnight and climb for 6 hrs(ish) to Stella Point - from there it is another 2hrs (ish!) to Uhuru Peak.  Part of the reason for climbing through the night is that you can't see how much hill there is ahead of you. 

The boys have been amazing today.  Those who were poorly last time we were this high are fine today!  Some of them still fail to understand some basic ideas. From this camp until we come down from the summit water is just for cooking and drinking.  It all has to be carried from before last night's camp.  Our expedition leader just heard one of the boys ask one of the porters if he could have some water to wash the inside of his tent as it was a 'little bit dirty!'  Other boys don't appear to have washed their faces since we left Weruweru nearly a week ago!  I've been enforcing a hand washing before eating rule and have variously been called the 'hand washing Nazi' and the 'hygiene queen!'

I've felt a little bit down yesterday and today.  I'm missing my family and my friends.  I don't think that there has ever been a 6 day period where I haven't spoken to Husbando and my children before.  I'm seeing wonderful sights that the photos just won't do justice to, and I'd love to share this experience with them.

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