Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Road Rage!

The road through our village is being resurfaced. The old road was a bit pot holed, but I would happily have lived with it to avoid the road closures that the resurfacing has caused - and we are only on day 4 of the work.

The letter informing residents of the work to be carried out is dated 18th November, and arrived on 20th November at around 2pm as the postman couldn't get here any earlier as the road was already closed. Rather than resurfacing one half of the road at a time, and using traffic lights to allow cars to pass both ways through the village, they are doing both sides at once. A two mile drive into Sainsburys is now 6 miles on single track roads with far too many cars using them - including delivery lorries and buses. I seem to spend most of my time reversing to the nearest passing place, and several people seem to have sense of humour failures at the thought of getting their 4x4s a bit muddy!

The situation could have been ameliorated somewhat if the workmen gave accurate information when asked, and didn't make us feel as though we were unreasonable in wanting to get into or out of our houses! Yesterday evening, in a hurry to get home so I could go out again, I asked a workman if I could bypass the blockage by going up one road and down another. "Oh yes!" he said, neglecting to inform me that there was a 40 minute wait at the bottom of the other road!

Argh! It makes me realise how much I rely on being able to jump in the car and get to places quickly! At some point tomorrow I won't be able to get out at all, but I have no idea when. Let's just hope no one needs to get in or out in an emergency.

If you came here because this is a running blog then here goes! I've been a bit depressed by my speed, or lack therof, recently! I have been stuck at around 9 minute miles for ages and what ever I did this is what I averaged on most runs. I've been adding some gym workouts to my routine, and the advantage of the dreaded treadmill is that it makes speed work easier. Yesterday I ran at speeds between 10 and 14kph (machine is metric only) adding in a couple of half kilometer 7.5% hills, and while it was hard work I managed it. 'Hills' seem easier on the treadmill because you can't see them.

Today I dithered about running - I'd either have to run through construction works (the smell of tarmac gets old fast) or along very busy single track roads. I chose the latter, and ran 4 miles in just over 33 minutes - faster than I have run for a very long time. Seems that the boring gym and treadmill work may be paying off!

And now I have to set off insanely early to get to school to pick up the children..... wish me luck, I may be sometime!

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