Sunday, 14 November 2010

A surprisingly good run!

Husbando left for London at 5am this morning, and I rolled over and went straight back to sleep until about 9am. Small people may, or may not, have climbed into bed with me to try to persuade me to make breakfast, fix broken toys, sort out arguments, but I was oblivious to them all! Not sure why I am so tired at the moment, maybe it is because the weather is so dark and miserable.

When I eventually surfaced I made breakfast and supervised homework while wrapping presents. My middle child has been given some really lovely maths homework this weekend, involving making 3D shapes from card, but while he is very good at the measuring and cutting out we are rather scuppered by the sticking of the card. Pritt Stick just isn't doing the job. A trip to Waitrose later today better yield some stickier (but hopefully non messy) glue.

Up against the clock, as ever, I realised that the only way I was going to get a run in today was to go while one of the children was at a party. So, after dropping my youngest son at a party being thrown by two girls in his year at school and featuring the Animal Man, I set off.

This was new running territory for me. I know the area, but only to drive around, but I had a rough idea of where I wanted to go. I knew that I could do a nice loop, but thought that it might be a bit short on distance, so added a bit on at one end! The route I took went gently uphill for the first 2/3rds and then fairly steeply downhill. I had forgotten to put my Garmin on before leaving, so had no idea how far I had gone until I got back home, and only a rough idea of how long I had taken (about 48 minutes). I was thrilled to find I'd covered nearly 5.75 miles! It was a lovely route - despite constant rain, and I would like to run it again, but if I run that loop starting from home it is nigh on 13 miles! A little further than I need at the moment. On the other hand, parking and running is an option - and the challenge of running up the steep hill and down the gentle slope would be good.

Got to dash off now - the madly gay social whirl that is my children's life is never ending, and I need to drive my younger daughter to a party at a soft play area. What fun! Wonder what her party bag will yield? This morning's contained popping candy - I've been transported back to childhood!

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