Saturday, 16 April 2011

You know its a good run when...

... you start to plan the route for your next run as you up the pace for the final half mile of your current run!

Husbando has declared that running at 'such a slow pace' is what is causing his knee to hurt! I told him that I was unlikely to hit sub 8 minute miles anytime soon, so he better go running on his own again! I've been averaging 9 minute miles over the last week, as I've been battling this silly cold. At best I like to average around between 8.15 and 8.30 - I can run sub 8 minutes and down to around 7 minute miles for brief bursts, but not for any prolonged length of time. I am not devastated that we won't be running together as often. I love running by myself!

That said, I set out for a run with my 11 year old daughter today. We will be running Race for Life in June, so she wants to make sure she is as speedy as possible. We set off around the lanes, up and down some hills, I would run on ahead and then run back to her. She managed about 2 miles, I carried on and added an extra hill to make just over 3 miles. I thought we were going pretty slowly, but it was my fastest run for a while - averaging a pace of 8.27 minutes per mile. Gives me faith that I will get my speed back! As I approached home I tried to plan out routes for tomorrow. I want to run about 6 miles, my favourite 6 mile loop has the bl%dy bastard hill at the start, and I'm not sure I want to put that much strain on my body that early on. I cannot run all the way up it unless I am fitter than I am right now, so I will have to think of something else - probably a straight out and back run!

In other news, it is our wedding anniversary today. 17 years! I have just filled in (and paid for) husbando's race registration for Paris to Versailles! This was a great, though tough, race last year. You may remember I had a chest infection and probably shouldn't have run it at all. Hopefully I will be fitter this year.

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