Wednesday, 29 June 2011

General catch up...

I forgot to mention, while ranting about Race for Life, that I was very adventurous on Saturday and went along to Frimley Lodge Parkrun. I do like a change of scene, especially when it means I can meet up with a friend for a coffee afterwards. It is a nice route to run at Frimley, partly along a canal towpath (I didn't even know there was a canal in Frimley) and through the Frimley Lodge Park. It was a hot, humid day, and the ground was slippery after the rain the night before, but I managed a fairly respectable time, and my friend managed a new PB! Running along the towpath was hairy in places as it is need of repair. It could be quite risky to overtake at times as there are huge chunks of path that have fallen into the canal! I've volunteered to help out at my regular Parkrun on 9th July - not sure what will be asked of me, probably standing at a bend and pointing in (hopefully) the right direction!

I had a nice run on Monday - one of my favourite routes, but couldn't go as far as I wanted (only 4.5 miles) due to commitments at home. It has been a while since I have run any meaningfully long run, to the extent that I am worrying about completing 10k! I must get a couple of long runs in before 10th July. Life is just so busy at the moment. I will try to fit an 8 mile run in on Sunday, but am going to have to get up very early to do so, as I am due at a friend's ordination no later than 9.45am. I suppose I could run in the evening, but the midges will be out in force by then!

Tuesday was a bad day for running and, for the first time since doing C25k, I had to stop and walk for a while. Not long, just 100m, but my ankle was a bit sore (the one I twisted while drunk in high heels in France) and I'd landed badly coming off a kerb. That combined with too large a lunch, a few glasses of wine and hot, humid weather made running an ordeal rather than a pleasure.

Today's run was better. Again time constraints meant I couldn't run as far as I wanted (only 3.5miles) but the weather wasn't as oppressive and the sun was shining! Husbando is still not able to run, as he has injured his knee - this makes him very sad. He is worried about not being able to run in the Paris to Versailles race in September and I have to admit that I will be a bit sad if he can't run it with me.

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