Saturday, 28 May 2011

And this was supposed to be a quiet week!

After my long run last Sunday I decided that I should take things easy in preparation for the Bupa 10,000m on Monday. Somehow I have managed to clock up just over 29 miles while, er, resting!

To be fair, I acquired two new sports bras on Thursday. These impressive feats of engineering result in my frontage remaining stationary (with respect to the rest of my body) while I run! So what if I resemble a heavily upholstered sofa?! Given that they are new, and that there are two slightly different styles, I decided that they had to be taken out for trial runs so that I wasn't going to get any unexpected surprises when I wear them on Monday. They are possibly the most unsexy items of clothing in the history of the universe, but they do the job!

One of my trial runs was the Basingstoke Parkrun. I bettered last week's time by 50 seconds! In fact I have been running increasingly fast over the last couple of weeks - not sure why. Husbando reckons it is because I have shed 15lbs so am not pulling that around with me! I just hope I can clock up a respectable time on Monday.

During the week I was chatting with a friend who has given up running for cycling. He and his wife both cycle. He has very kindly lent me his wife's mountain bike (she has a road bike) for me to try for a few weeks. I shall have a go next week after the race - it would be silly to try something new this weekend. I am exceedingly grateful for this loan! I like the idea of cycling, but not the idea of splashing out a small fortune on something that I don't get on with. It will be nice to do something on my 'rest' days, and cycling will be a great way to scout out new running routes...

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