Thursday, 26 May 2011

Today is a rest day...

...and I hate rest days!

Don't get me wrong, I've had a lovely day! I've been up to London with husbando and one of my best friends, we have bought shoes and had lunch. We went to Rigby & Peller on the pretext of getting measured for a new sports bra, but came out with not just a functional sports bra but also a gorgeous bra and knickers set. I've lost a bit of weight recently (well 15lbs) so my bras don't fit as well as they once did, and I needed to do something to stop them wobbling around like jellies on a plate! I don't want to buy too many new bras, as I still want to lose more weight - but I figure I need a minimum of 2 new sports bras. We did all this, and still got home in time for parents evening for my three younger children. The boys are both doing really well, my younger daughter is 'capable but unmotivated!' She is the youngest of five and can't see the point of reading for herself if there is always an older sibling willing to help.

BUT, but, but... no running today and that makes me jittery! I ran on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, distances between 3.7 and 4 miles in increasingly fast times. Yesterday I ran 3.8 miles averaging 8.14 mins/mile. And yesterday I was trying to run slowly! I knew that I should take things easy because my right calf is a wee bit sore, I tried to run slowly, but it just wasn't happening. I am supposed to be doing a mini taper for the Bupa 10,000m on Monday 30th May. The problem is, 10k on a Monday really messes up the rest of my training. It isn't a long run, but I want to give it my best. I can't do my long run on Sunday as my legs will be too tired if I have run a half marathon distance on Sunday, so I will have to try to push my long run forward to Tuesday... which is a busy day anyway.

Had some lovely news today, a friend of mine, who is relatively new to running, has been browbeaten (by yours truly) into running the Bupa 10,000m on Monday. All it took was a promise of a friendly face at the finish line and lunch afterwards. I haven't seen her since I was pregnant with my middle child so it will be lovely to catch up in person while enjoying a post race glass of fizz!

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