Saturday, 21 May 2011

My first Parkrun

It has been an up and down week. Running has been the only thing to stave off the stress induced headaches, although I suspect alcohol would do the trick too - but a hangover would not be appreciated!

Having stepped up the distances on my long weekend runs, I find that my 'everyday' runs are much more fun. Running 4 miles doesn't seem like a big deal, and I can have some fun while running. I know that I should do more (some?) interval training, but I generally hate it! I decided to use cues from some of the music I listen to while running, so if Lilly Allen comes on I will sprint during the chorus and jog for recovery during the verses. Other music includes 'She said' by PlanB - I sprint during the rap bits and jog during the more melodic sections. There are other tracks that have two distinct styles where this works well - but I haven't got a clue what they are called as they just play randomly from my running playlist! I seem to be doing something right, as my overall speed is increasing a little.

This morning I took part in my first Parkrun. Despite getting a little lost on the last lap (you'd think on the third time around I'd know the right way rather than following someone who wasn't taking part wouldn't you?) I finished in 24mins 16 secs - so I was quite pleased. I was the 12th lady to finish, 90th overall and 5th in my age/gender group. I don't know about other runners, but quite often at the beginning of a race I decide I want to finish in front of a certain person. Today I wanted to finish in front of the lanky lad with the surf shorts on and the lady in the running skort. I did overtake them both within the last half kilometer, and if I hadn't gone down the wrong path I'd have finished in front of them. Mind you, if they lady in the running skort hadn't screamed 'wrong way' I'd probably still be running now! I was amazed at how much energy I still had left in the last couple of hundred metres. I sprinted like mad at the end, desperate to regain a few seconds, so probably didn't finish that much slower than if I'd just carried on at the pace I was at.

I was really impressed with the organisation (it was my fault I went the wrong way!) 221 runners enjoying a lovely run in a local park has to be a nightmare to organise, but everything went smoothly. I hadn't realised that children could take part too, and will try to persuade my 2 older children to come with me in future. I have driven past the venue for this run *many* times but this was the first time I'd ever been in the park. It was rather nice, with a bandstand and an aviary as well as the more usual play park. Turns out husbando used to play there as a very small child, and has fond memories of staring into a big hole that was being dug, these were the days before health and safety and he was able to stand at the very edge of the hole!

Tomorrow will see me up early again, I aim to run for 1hr 45 mins, following advice from a friends (who knows what he is talking about) to increase the distance by about 10 - 15 mins a week on my long runs. Not sure where I'll go yet....

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