Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Still on a high!

I'm still on a high from Sunday's race. Breaking the 1hr 30 barrier feels fantastic. Last year I really struggled with illnesses that coincided with races, running anyway, not getting the time I wanted to get and prolonging the illness into the bargain. This year didn't start well. I didn't get the balance of working and running right on teaching practice, and then came down with just about every bug going at the end of my teaching practice. That I ran the Alton 10 at all still amazes me. That I got a PB thrills me.

I've been floating around since then, I went for a short run on Monday with husbando. Probably about 3.5 miles, in about 25/26 minutes (I forgot to take my watch!), and decided that yesterday would be one of my most hated things; a day off! The weather yesterday was lovely, so not running was really hard. Today however was a different matter. Overcast and slightly drizzly, I spent two hours walking around Farnham delivering leaflets for husbando's shop, came home had a banana, got changed and went for a run. I think I had wings on my back. I ran faster than I can remember for a long time. I averaged 8 minutes per mile over a distance of 5 and a half miles. It felt so good! I've no idea what was so different about today, but I hope it continues.

Sadly my beloved purple Asics Kayano 16s are headed for trainer heaven. My longest toes (not my big toe but the one next to it) have rubbed away the lining of the shoe and my toes are banging against the shoe - doesn't sound a huge deal, but it is quite painful. It started off just hurting when I was running, but I've done a fair few miles since I first noticed the problem, and now my toes hurt on both feet all the time. On a happy note, this means a shopping trip!

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