Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A brief catch up!

Oops! It has been over a week since I blogged! I can assure you that I have been running though. After my long run last Sunday, I took it easy on Monday with slow 4 mile run. Tuesday was a day off running as we were traveling to Paris. We travelled over to visit the Paris Bookfair , eat some lovely food, celebrate Freddy's 7th birthday and, of course, to catch up with our friends in Maisons Laffitte. We hadn't told Freddy he was coming with us, so he was thrilled to discover that he was going to get to spend time with his friend.

We arrived in Maisons Laffitte at beer o'clock. The first beer barely touched the sides as I inhaled it. After that we decided to walk down to l'Avenue to meet Paul as he got off the train. Sitting outside a cafe watching the world go by must be one of the nicest ways to pass the time. I think we must have had quite a considerable amount to drink that evening, if my hangover is anything to go by! I still managed to run the next morning, but it was hard work and I only managed 3 miles. As is traditional I ended my run at the boulangerie, picking up croissants for breakfast!

Wednesday was a quiet day. We met up in Paris with a friend from my university days and had lunch at a cafe in Place de la Bastille. Lovely food, reasonably priced but they made their money on drinks and ice cream! 6€ for an espresso and 9€ for an ice cream for Freddy!

Freddy demanded a trip to the Eifel Tower on Thursday, so we obliged (after a morning run that is). That was followed by a visit to Shakespeare & Co and lunch with a bookdealer friend (over from England) at Boucherie Rouliere. Fantastic food - turns out that Freddy likes his steak bleu! We had a quick wander around the book before heading out for yet another meal! This time at Le Manege in St Germain en Laye. I tried to lessen the damage to my waistline by 'only' having two starters!

Friday was another non running day. It was Freddy's birthday, so we took him to Disney before heading home. We totally missed the Royal Wedding and had to catch up when we got home. Disney was lovely - not too busy and we were lucky with the weather. A few spots of rain, but we were mainly inside when that happened.

Saturday - back home with a bump! I did not dare stand on the scales so headed off for a 4 mile run instead, and on Sunday I decided to have a trial run of the Alton 10 route. I ended up running 10.6 miles in 1hr 36minutes, so I know I can do the distance - it is just a question of speed! I'd forgotten how tough bits of that route are....

Monday was a day off. I don't really like days off. Today I walked 5 miles this morning, delivering leaflets for husbando's shop, then ran 2 miles to the shop to pick up the car, drove home and went out for another run - 2.5 miles this time. I seem to have found a little bit of pace, or maybe it is just because I knew they were short runs so felt happier going faster.

So, that's what I've been up to. Children were all back at school today, and all I can say is that the school day is very short! We have 3 days left of this week and then only 3 weeks until half term!

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