Thursday, 28 October 2010

Man 'flu!

It is half term and my husband has man 'flu! He has taken to his bed or, when feeling slightly less feeble or there is something he wants to watch on TV, the sofa. From here he coughs, splutters, sighs and moans, generally making the whole household feel miserable.

To be fair, he may actually be a little unwell, but I have spent too many years living with him having dramas over every minor medical issue that I can't be sure any more. And it must be remembered that I am not the most compassionate of people at the best of times! A rainy half term with most of us coughing and sniffling is not the time for an Oscar winning man 'flu production! I think I'd rather be ill myself than live with a man suffering man 'flu!

What little compassion I do have has been sorely stretched today. On a 'quick jaunt' to the nearest TKMaxx to see if they had sheepskin boots in my older daughter's size (they didn't), younger daughter had coughing fit in the car and managed to throw up over everything she was wearing. She ended up walking around the shopping centre in big sister's ski jacket (the only item of clothing in the car) until she could be bought a whole new outfit! On removing the cover of her car seat I noticed that it was cracked - so it is probably a good thing that she was sick, as I now know I need to get her a new one.

My entire day seems to have been spent getting in and out of the car, delivering and collecting people from various places. I foolishly ate two honey sandwiches for lunch and then tried to go for a run. I didn't get very far, as my body tried to cope with the wheat and sugar overload! Such a contrast to the lovely run I had yesterday, 4.2 miles running up a couple of hills but maintaining a respectable pace overall. I've decided to try to get to grips with hills. I can keep running to the top of every hill I have met so far, but I am so slow! I am sure that if I get faster at hills it will improve my speed overall.

One side effect of the man 'flu is that my husband will not be running the Festival Place 5k with me on Sunday. I am not a huge fan of 5k races, as I am not a fast runner. Anything sub 27 minutes will be good for me, although I would be surprised to do well on Sunday as I am still full of cold. I like longer races where I can relax and run at a steady pace, rather than the mad dash that a 5k race can often be. Hopefully Stephen will be on hand to take photos as I am finally going to get to meet one of my online running friends. Carol and I have raced in the same race once before, but didn't manage to meet up, and since then events have conspired to keep us apart. I am really excited to be meeting her at last!

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