Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday, a day of rest?

Monday seems to be traditionally a day for rest for runners. We do our long, slow run on a Sunday and have Monday as a recovery day.

Or that is the theory. Today is also the first day of the school half term, so we didn't even need to get up early this morning. However, things never seem to work out the way one plans. I have spent a lot of time ferrying various children to sleepovers and parties, catching up on the laundry, which means that at some point later today I shall have to catch up on ironing and I still haven't replaced my wonky ironing board and gardening.

Those of you who know me 'in real life' know that I am not a natural gardener. I love sitting in gardens, I love looking around pretty gardens, but I am know very little about gardening and do not yet feel I am middle aged enough to take it up as a hobby! My mother-in-law assures me that I will 'grow into' gardening one day.

Because I like looking at gardens I love going to the Chelsea Flower Show and the Hampton Court Flower Show, I've been going for a few years now, Hampton Court normally sees me being soaked or surviving a mud bath, but at Chelsea the sun has always shone. Not only does one get to see beautiful gardens, look at very expensive garden furniture and gadgets, but one also has the opportunity to drink lots of Pimms or Champagne. This is dangerous! I should not be let loose near any shopping opportunity when I am ever so slightly tipsy!

At one of the shows last year I ordered 110 tulip bulbs from Bloms Bulbs! The display in the Floral Tent is always stunning, and up until this year I have managed to resist buying any for myself, but this year I let rip, filled in the order form and then went to get another drink. Not giving the matter another thought until the box of bulbs was delivered a couple of days ago!

Our garden is quite small, mainly used for playing football and drying washing! Space is somewhat limited. I scratched my head wondering where I was going to put them, and then identified a space of scrappy grass at the side of the house between the road and the pavement. I had forgotten that we have about an inch of topsoil on top of chalk, which makes digging holes, even small ones, really quite tiresome! I have spent this afternoon planting 70 bulbs in a hopefully random way. Younger daughter was 'helping' to position the bulbs, so it will be interesting to see what comes up where! I have another 40 to go, but need to find a space for them to go. I also need to get the feeling back in my hands.

Roll on April/May when my garden should have a sea of beautiful tulips and remind me not to go mad at Chelsea next year!

And now my 'rest break' is over! Got to go and pick up a child then come home and make supper.

Enjoy the holidays!

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