Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Frenshan to Dar Es Salaam

I think the title says it all! 

Arrived at school at 10am on Sunday for a full on day of kit checks and some outline planning.  My family seemed glad to see the back of me for a few weeks, my younger daughter shed tears of joy the previous evening but managed to hold it together in the morning.  

The boys veered between excitement and anxiety, but much of their anxiety was allayed by our World Challenge group leader, Big Al, calm, quiet, caring and profoundly unflappable. 

Our flight was at 8.45pm, and we managed to get to the gate without losing anyone en route, seats were swapped on board to ensure that I ended up with more leg room than is strictly necessary for a person of reduced stature! 
We still hadn't managed to lose anyone when we got to Abu Dhabi - one of the nicer airports with some excellent signage!
We grown ups (!) decided we needed a coffee.  Al was dispatched to get 2 white and 1 black coffee.  'There is only white coffee - it comes from the machine' was the response. So I switched to Pepsi and giggled when the others  received their black coffees!

Arriving in Dar es Salam was a culture shock for the boys.  I was amazed at how much more developed Dar is than Nairobi was 20 years ago.   

We are staying in a hostel that has en suite showers, basic and clean, and spent yesterday organising our bus for tomorrow, changing money and find somewhere for supper.

An early night was welcome - especially to the mosquitos who feasted on my legs, despite liberal applications of Deet and a mosquito net! 

More later - and sporadically as and when I have an internet connection.

Photos to follow when I get home as I can't upload them from here.

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