Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Reprieve Comedy Night

Last night I took my husband out as a belated anniversary celebration. We went to the Reprieve Laughter/Pain Comedy Evening. A brilliant evening for a very good cause.

We traveled up on the train. I used to commute into Waterloo on the old 'slam door' trains. In those days the journey took 61 minutes. Now we have swish new trains that take an hour and ten minutes at best and, in the late evening, an hour and twenty minutes. In the good old days we managed to get on and off the train without having to be warned of gaps between platforms and trains, and without the annoying recorded voice informing us that the train is approaching X station as it slows down, and then as we leave the station listing all the stations that the train will stop at before arriving at its destination. As if that wasn't annoying enough, the guards on the trains obviously think we won't really listen to the automated announcement so repeats all the information again.

This doesn't make for a restful journey! I used to be able to sleep for the entire journey, the slamming of doors was never as invasive as the constant PA announcements. The constant interruptions made concentrating on reading a book difficult.

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