Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A running rite of passage?

I have a proper running injury! Woo hoo! Or not, as the case may be! I have Iliotibial Band Syndrome - basically my IT band is causing friction where it meets with my hip. My fab chiropracter caused me a great deal of discomfort (to put it mildly!) while he worked on it. And then he gave me a load of stretches to do and charged me £40 for the privilege! I have two things to comfort me: 1) although IT band problems are common in runners (get that - I'm a runner!) they normally affects knees and thighs, I am less common (therefore more special!) in that it is my hip that is suffering, and 2) I don't need to stop running, I just need to make sure I do the nasty stretching exercises RELIGIOUSLY!

So, may go out for a wee run tomorrow, and do a session on the Power Plates as that will intensify any stretches I do. Hopefully I'll be good and ready for Race for Life at the weekend.


  1. I hope you sort your hip out. I've got myself a groin strain!! I'm not anywhere near as fit as you and I think I overdid it in my beginner's enthusiasm! My brother (who is my fitness oracle) warned me not to run for at least a week but I must be getting the bug as I found that really hard to contemplate! I'm trying some yoga designed for runners (I've always done lots of yoga, really enjoy it) but I guess we've just got to be kind to our bodies and let them heal! x

  2. It seems to be getting better! The GreenDay gig helped. I may have to book regular gigs as physiotherapy.... and maybe I could bring the GreenDay lead singer home for some one on one physio - he has the wickedest eyes I have seen in a very long time!

    Hope you get over your groin strain soon. Can you do some cycling or rowing in the meantime?