Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Why is it?

Why is it that, despite the fact I can run 10 miles in a reasonably respectable time, I still worry that I am 'unfit?'

I had an appointment at the gym for a 'Power Plates Induction Lesson' and I was terrified that the ├╝ber fit gym instructor would be laughing at my puny attempts. I went for a quick run before my lesson, as I knew that I wouldn't have time to run later (and who knew - maybe the Power Plate workout would mean that I couldn't run even if I did have time). I was fairly pleased with this run, I stupidly left my water bottle in the car, and I really did miss being able to swig water as I went on my merry way.

The Power Plate thing was very odd! Who knew you could exercise sitting on something that vibrates like a washing machine on a rapid spin cycle? I did feel a bit of a tit, standing in strange postures while my whole body vibrated. I can see why the private market for these things is so strong (despite the price) - wobbling one's flabby bits in private is less alarming than doing so with an audience!

I had a quick go on the rowing machine after my session was over. Twenty minutes listening to loud music and rowing - ignoring the blisters forming on my hands! I was wearing my wedding ring and my engagement ring which is never a good idea while rowing. I feel I have achieved my cross training session this week! I often don't as I find the gym so dull.

In other news.... We took Joshua to see the consultant today. He is being referred for a CT scan and will probably end up having laproscopic laser treatment of his adhesions. Joshua has missed so much school, he managed half a day yesterday, and the sum total of one lesson today. He is in constant pain which peaks sharply and without warning! Hopefully we'll get some answers soon.

And in yet more news.... Parents' evening for Hamish and Freddy. Freddy has settled in well to his new school and is doing well, although he can 'lack motivation' when it comes to writing! Mrs J kept telling us what a wonderful little boy he is! Friendly, cheerful, resilient, caring, thoughtful - my heart swelled with pride! Hamish did really well on his NFER tests, his lowest score was at the top end of the expected range, and his teacher was cross as she said that the only mistakes he had made were because he hadn't read the questions properly! She said that she knows he knows the answers! Still - better to make these mistakes now when you can learn from them rather than in an entrance/scholarship exam or GCSEs!

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