Wednesday, 2 June 2010

What is going on with the weather?

June is only two days old and we've had two days with dramatically different weather. Yesterday we were shivering in jeans and fleeces, today has been gloriously sunny with a risk of sunburn!

The Tuesday after a Bank Holiday is always a bit odd in my opinion. I feel like I am playing catch up and things that I expect to happen don't - because they should have happened on the Monday, but didn't because it was a holiday! The rain didn't help. The children were cooped up in the house being argumentative, I was trying to catch up on various chores and failing. I was tired after my early start on Monday (and late night because we went to see 'The Losers' at the cinema) and cranky. I was desperate to go for a run, but had promised my husband I'd run with him, so had to wait for him to get home.

We set off in the drizzle and completed a nice little loop - finding a new footpath for part of the route. Stephen kept asking if I knew where I was going, I replied that I didn't and that this was part of the fun. To be fair, I do have a much better sense of direction than he has and knew we were heading in the right direction. The going was tough on the footpath, very uneven, and I think this must have slowed us down. We both thought we were going along at quite a nice pace, but when we worked out the route on MapMyRun we discovered that we'd only been doing 9 minute miles on our 4.5mi run! I want a running watch that will tell me my speed at various points on a run - an average over the whole run isn't really helpful! My ankle was sore during the run, not helped by the uneven ground - so I iced it when I got home. My legs also felt very heavy at one point - I really had to push myself to keep going.

Today has been very busy. Up to London to pick up some books Stephen had bought on behalf of a customer of ours. The weather was lovely, so I put on a pretty dress, slapped on my snazzy sunglasses and got treated really well in shops in Knightsbridge and New Bond Street! Didn't buy anything - but had fun looking before grabbing a quick lunch and collecting some very heavy, very beautiful and very valuable books and loading them into the back of the car. We then delivered them to our customer, who hadn't seen them until this moment. Luckily he was thrilled with them - really excited about owning such special things! We had a tour of his garden and sat drinking tea with him and his wife in the sun. Life doesn't get much better than this.

No running for me today. I think it might be wise to give my ankle a day off! It is hard not to run though. I have spent the time stalking the Bupa London site to see when the photos will appear, and to check out my 'official' time. I came 64th when ranked for age and gender which sounds good until you realise I cam 2417th overall! Official time is 52mins 28secs and I did the first 5k in 25mins 52secs - which is interesting as I thought that I'd run the second half much slower than the first!

Oh, and the Bupa London site has an update on the bloke we saw at the side of the road. He is being treated at a hospital in London - so that sounds hopeful!

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