Saturday, 9 July 2011


As we stumble towards the end of term I am just beginning to realise how stressful this last half term has been. We've moved my oldest son out of one school, where he was not receiving any of the support he needed and being bullied to a lovely new school. I didn't realise how much stress the whole 'find a school we like, with a place, that will accept him' thing was until after we had completed it! His new school is small and nurturing. There are only 40 pupils in each year group, making the entire senior school only marginally larger than the year group at his old school. He started there on Thursday and is loving it.

We've taken the decision to change all the children's surnames. It just makes name calling and bullying a little less easy if they don't have a name that, er, sticks out like a sore thumb! We're using my maiden name, and I've just ordered about a billion new name tapes. When I showed them to my younger daughter she was most disappointed that her new surname wasn't 'Princess!'

I've been spending a few days at my new school. I haven't been doing any teaching, just getting 'stuff' organised: email access, sorting out my room, completing health and safety questionnaires etc. I need to persuade a child to transfer the rough sketch of my lab into a Word document so that I can use it for seating plans.

In the last week I've also been to the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Gala Evening and to see Take That (I don't think that one needs a hyperlink!) at Wembley. I love the gala evening - so nice to be able to see the gardens without having to sharpen one's elbows and battle through crowds. Take That were amazing. I am so grateful to my lovely friend who bought me the ticket (in a box no less) as a present. One huge advantage of a box at Wembley is that they all have their own loo - so you don't have to queue for ages to paddle in a filthy loo! We'd driven up, so had the usually interminable wait to get out of the car park. The marshalling around the stadium was non existent. I eventually got home at 3am and was up again at 6am to leave for school!

I've only managed about 15 miles running this week, it would have been more, but I am running the Cranleigh 10k tomorrow so have eased off towards the end of the week. However, Parkruns happen on a Saturday, and I couldn't not turn up without a very good excuse! Having done 6 parkruns, 5 at B'stoke and one in Frimley, I can honestly say I am addicted. Much better to get out of the house on a Saturday rather than lazing in bed (or refereeing the children). Today however I volunteered for the first time, and have to say that I am so glad I did. I'm not a 'joiner' - I don't do running clubs etc. so I'd been turning up, running then going home. I'd chat to a couple of people, but I didn't feel I was really a part of 'it.' I knew who a few people were - but no more than that. Volunteering meant I really got to meet people and chat for a while, about running, wine and cheese mainly! Next week I'll feel far more confident about talking to people, and feel much more a part of parkrun.

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