Sunday, 3 July 2011

I can see for miles and miles!

What a busy day! Off to Winchester Cathedral to see an old friend ordained as a Deacon this morning. I love Ecclesiastical music despite being a heathen at heart. The bit of church services that always catches me out, and which is a relatively modern introduction (certainly never happened when I was a youngster) is when the vicar (or in this case one of the newly ordained deacons) says 'Let us offer one another a sign of peace.' I am, by nature, not a joiner! I like to keep myself to myself until I have established what the group dynamics are, and if I want to be a part of that group. But, in this situation I feel I am forced to talk to strangers! I don't like that. It feels false - possibly because I find it such an unnatural thing to do. Usually I can mask this by just turning to the person I am with, but today I was on my own, so had no choice but to turn and shake hands with the lady next to me who had spent most of the service staring at my shoes, tutting (and commenting) to her husband that I wasn't joining in the prayers! Never mind - my friend looked very happy with her chosen vocation, it was lovely to see her and her family again, if only briefly, and I wish them all well in this new stage of their life.

We've known each other a long time, since our second children were a few weeks old. We've been through a lot of life experiences together. She announced her decision to become ordained at around the same time I announced that I was training to be a teacher, and we have both completed our training within weeks of each other. We are both starting something new and exciting (and a little bit daunting). Not bad considering we are both in our forties!

Yesterday saw me at Parkrun again. I equalled my PB, I am sure I'd have set a new one if I hadn't missed my footing as I approached the finish line, but never mind! I haven't been for a long run for ages, and knew that today would be my last chance for a week as I have to run 10k next Sunday. After a rich lunch of picnic food and champagne, I wasn't really in any fit state to run, but I managed 6.5 miles in a reasonable fashion. At one point, 'The Who' started playing 'I can see for miles and miles' on my iPhone and I looked around - I really could see for miles! And without seeing another human being either!

Tomorrow I am spending the day at my new school... Should be fun! Still slightly amazed that they offered me the job!

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