Monday, 11 July 2011

"Results coming soon"

Is there anything more disheartening than the above phrase? Well of course there is, but today I have been checking the Cranleigh Runners website at every opportunity to day, and the message is still the same!

I've been inside all day today, at my new school, teaching the odd class here and there to release the head of department so that he can get the timetable sorted. I am eager to know what classes I'll have so that I can start thinking about what to teach them. I came home, via my oldest son's bus stop, picking him up and stopping at Tizzy's for a quick coffee with husbando before heading home. We headed out to the garden and I noticed that my son nodded a greeting towards a group of people sitting at one of the tables. They totally ignored him. Turns out that they are the maths department from his old school. He only left last Tuesday - surely they haven't forgotten him already!

We quickly moved in from the garden, as there was a plague of flying ants. Normal ants are bad enough in my opinion, but flying ants are just vile! The entire maths department trooped past our table later, without even acknowledging us!

The flying ants put paid to my plans for a run. I do not fancy swallowing one of those! I still have my gym membership, so headed off there instead. The gym is supposed to be air conditioned, but walking in it was not noticeably cooler than the rest of the building. I ran 3.3 miles in 25 minutes of the mega boring treadmill. Physically I know I could have gone further, but mentally I was bored rigid! I spent a few minutes on the PowerPlates stretching out my calves before heading home. On leaving, I mentioned to the receptionist that it was rather warm in the gym, but was informed that I only felt warm because I'd been working so hard! I tend to think that, when I am paying a small fortune, the least that they could do is keep the room properly cool!

Before heading home to discover that we seem to have an ant nest in the understairs cupboard... it is spewing forth a stream of ants, both winged and normal! I am going to have to clear out the cupboard when I next get a free day. For now I am going to spray noxious chemicals in the general area and home that it kills the ants rather than the humans!

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