Friday, 29 July 2011

Still here!

It has been a while since I've blogged, and it is not because I have nothing to say that I have been silent, I've just been a bit down in the dumps and didn't really want to share the gloom with you all!

Running is going reasonably well, I've clocked up a fair few miles this week and am starting to up the distances of my long run in the build up to the half marathons I have planned in the autumn and spring. On Saturday I ran 3 miles at Parkrun and another 3 miles with husbando in the evening. Was odd running twice in one day and, because I seem to have misplaced a pair of running shorts, relies on efficient washing and drying of running kit!

Today I decided against running, much as I would like to go out, because I want to be rested for parkrun. I am getting cross with my inability to set a new PB! Number one son has stated his intention to come with me.... we shall see whether he makes it or not! He's not done any running since last time he came with me.

I entered the Royal Parks Half Marathon today. Despite all my promises to myself not to to enter races on a charity ticket and therefore commit to raising money, that is exactly what I have just done! I'd been unsuccessful in the public ballot and really wanted to run this race. So now I just need to raise £550 for UNICEF. It is a great charity, so if you feel you can please spare a few bob please click here ! Thanks to my mum and sister for getting the ball rolling! I'm hoping to run this race in around 2hrs, my last 10 mile race took me just under 1hr 30 (1hr 27 I think from memory) on a hilly route, so this should be an achievable target.

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