Thursday, 21 July 2011

The first week of the holidays!

It is the first week where all the children have been on holiday and they are already on a TV and computer ban for appalling behaviour! I am hoping that being forced to find something more cerebral than the idiot box will help them to play nicely together. It isn't going terribly well at the moment. It could be a very long summer holiday and parenting involves a lot more input from me if they aren't transfixed by a screen.

Running seems to have taken second place this week with so much going on. I've only managed to get out 3 times so far, running 3.5, 4.2 and 6.1 miles. Husbando came with me on the last run. He hasn't run for over 6 weeks due to a knee injury so he came with me for the first mile and a half before turning back. I got to just before the 3 mile point and a new track came on my MP3 player, I considered not turning back until the end of the new track, but was thwarted by the pavement on a busy road ending. Just as well really as the track was really long and took me 0.92 of a mile to complete, so would have added almost 2 miles to my run!

Earlier this week I was surprised by a car! I always try to stay aware of the traffic, especially when running on roads without a pavement, but this one took me totally by surprise. It was a Lexus Hybrid thingy, and was obviously running in its electric mode. I've heard these cars referred to as 'cat killers' (as cats, snoozing under the cars don't hear the engine start) but never really realised how quiet they were! This one almost drove me off the road!

I've got no races planned now until September. I may have to see if I can find a race that will motivate me over the holidays, although getting a few minutes away from the children is often motivation enough!

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