Friday, 15 July 2011

I don't know how they do it!

Yesterday, after a trip up to London, husbando and I went to the gym. His knee is still causing him lots of problems so he is not running on the road right now. As I've mentioned before, I am not a huge fan of treadmill running, but quite like using some of the kit at the gym. I decided to run to the gym, meet husbando there, do a bit of a workout and then get a lift home with him.

When I formulated this plan, from the cool interior of my house, I hadn't banked on the temperature still being about 25C and, to be honest, I didn't really realise how warm it was until I was halfway up a huge hill. (Running straight to the gym is too short a distance so I had to add in a diversion). I arrived at the gym, having covered two and a quarter miles in just over 18 minutes, dripping in sweat. But that doesn't matter, does it? Because the gym is a place that you go to to get hot and sweaty isn't it?

Well that's what I thought. But it seems I am wrong! As I fell through the doors and launched myself in the direction of the water cooler I was aware of disapproving stares from two twenty somethings who were on the cross trainers. I have to admit they looked pretty good. Matchy-matchy gym kits and pristine trainers coupled with perfect hair and beautifully applied make-up. There was not a bead of sweat to be seen! Husbando happened to be on the cross trainer next to them, and as such was able to overhear their comments! Apparently wearing 'any old' running vest which doesn't match ones running shorts is not the done thing... and how could I turn up at the gym looking such a mess?

I compounded my sins by choosing to use one of the two power plates. I didn't realise that they were reserved for the beautiful people. They came over to use the other about 10 minutes after I had started my routine and muttered about me 'hogging' the machine, and how it wasn't fair that they had to take it in turns when they wanted to 'work out' together!

I really don't know how people like this get/stay so slim. Maybe they work out in secret so that no one can see the sweat. Maybe they only go to the gym to see if they can pick up men - I can't see any other reason for wearing that much make up at the gym, but really girls, the picking around here are pretty slim!

Anyway - rant over! The school holidays are upon us! My oldest son finished school today, so no more school runs until September. I am so happy with his new school - he is a different child, the school couldn't be more helpful, if I send in a query it gets answered the same day, the head teacher wrote to me today saying how well he is settling in, and how she hopes he will be very happy in the school. Such a change from his previous school! Mind you, the entire senior school is smaller than his year group at the old school!

Tomorrow is Basingstoke parkrun again. Apparently my firstborn child will run it with me - given that I haven't seen him out of bed on a Saturday before noon for a couple of years I will wait with baited breath to see if this happens!

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  1. Argh - every gym is issued with a pair of those girls. At mine, there's one who has tiny hotpants, and a short vest, and goes on the stepper, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. It has the WHOLE gym transfixed. Anyway, I was heaving away at the weight machines the other day and saw one doing her weights - on the lowest possible setting. Ha! I could beat her in a fight, anyway!

    -- Liz