Saturday, 23 July 2011

No PB this week!

Despite assuring me that he would be running Parkrun, I failed to rouse my 14 year old from his bed this morning, so set out alone. This did mean that I could catch up on last night's episode of 'The Archers' on the way over to Basingstoke.

The weather, for once, was lovely! Bright sunshine and a gentle breeze augured well for good run and, looking at the results, there were many personal bests recorded today. I thought I was on for a PB too, but I'd misremembered my previous best time and may just have slacked off a little towards the end when I thought I had it 'in the bag!' As it happened I was 9 seconds too slow. I did finish in my highest ever position in both the gender and overall rankings - so not too bad a show. I don't know whether to be glad not to have set a new PB to beat or not!

We seem to have had the best of the weather this morning - it has clouded over now, and looks to me as though it will rain soon. I reckon that I'll get wet when I go for a run with husbando later today. We're not going far, just a short run and not too fast. I need to try to do a long run tomorrow - but I'm not sure when I'll get the time.

In other news, my older daughter was 12 yesterday! I think she had a good day, with a trip to London, then a trip to the cinema with her friend followed by Nando's and a 'sleep' over. The girls went to see the latest Harry Potter, while we went to see 'Bad Bosses' which is one of the best films I have seen this year!

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