Thursday, 10 June 2010

The morning after the day before!

You know that little Power Plate thing I was talking about yesterday? Well, when I was striking my strange poses and doing my press ups and lunges on the weird vibrating machine it all felt terribly easy, I bounced (or should that be wobbled?) off the machine feeling absolutely fine - so good in fact that I jumped onto the rowing machine for 20 minutes!

This morning was a different story! I could hardly ease my aching body out of bed. My legs were not working, my bum felt as though I had been kicked in both buttocks, and my upper arms, shoulders and chest were screaming in protest at the unaccustomed activity they had been asked to perform. So, in the face of this pain what do I do? Toddle off to the gym and book another 30 minute session for tomorrow. If it hurts this much it must be doing something, surely!!

Today was my youngest child's 'Fun Sports Day' and she certainly looks as though she is enjoying herself as she runs back to the start line here! It is good to watch young children run. They don't worry about how fast they are going, how far they are going, they just run because the can and because it feels good.

I went for a run with Stephen again. We set off too fast (for me) as usual. I cannot sustain a pace of 7.30 mins per mile! Stephen didn't run as far as I did, turning back early to complete a shorter loop. I ran 4.25 miles and caught up with him when I was nearly home. He had blown up. Maybe he should have started off slower...

I think I am going to have to rethink running with him. It isn't good for my self esteem - I feel I have to keep up if he is going faster than me, and if he is lagging I feel I should slow down. I used to run at a pace that suited me! And I miss the 'me time!' I like being by myself, I don't find my long runs dull or boring. There is so much going on in my life that I value the time on my own to mull things over. But, but, but if I stop running with him he is going to be upset and take it personally. Maybe I should try the 'It's not you it's me!' line! Or schedule one run a week with him when he can shout at me for being too slow!

Anyway - got to go and ice cup cakes for year 3's cake sale tomorrow. I'm so rock 'n' roll!

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