Friday, 25 June 2010

Stamping my feet in a stroppy fashion!

Please excuse me a self indulgent rant!

I love running. I love running by myself! I tell anyone who asks me that the main reason I run is because it is the only way I get a bit of peace and quiet. A couple of weeks ago Stephen asked if he could come with me. Foolishly I said yes, thinking that it would be a one off. It was OK, a bit of a novelty having someone to talk to. I didn't realise that he would want to come running with me every day! He is going around telling everyone that he is really enjoying the fact we are running together. I am still blabbling on, in his hearing, about running be a good way to get time on my own. He is like an enthusiastic puppy about the idea of us running together.

Yesterday I got up at 5.30am, just after he had left for work, and went out for a run on my own! It was bliss - but when I got home it was to the news that, had I told him I was going to run early he'd have come with me! Argh!!! Tonight we went out again together, ran a very slow 5.5miles and I wonder if I can get him to give up running with me by being very slow....

I shouldn't really have gone for a run today anyway! In addition to a 4.5 mile run yesterday morning I also did a Power Plate session and swam 70 lengths of my friend's pool (only about 9 or 10m long). I am not a swimmer and I ache all over this morning.

Ho hum, rant over. Back to do battle with a website that keeps messing up the photobook I am trying to order!

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