Saturday, 12 June 2010

Woe is me!

I have a poorly hip!

I am now forced to admit that it hurts a lot. It hurts every time my foot hits the ground, not just when I am running. In retrospect, yesterday's 5.25mile run and 30 minute power plate session was not the best idea in the world, but I grew up in a time when we were told to 'run the pain off.' I am going to have to take today and probably tomorrow off, and try to get an appointment with my chiropracter. I am very cross about this.

In other news, we had a call from Joshua's school at 9.08am yesterday asking us to pick him up as he couldn't cope with the pain! I think this is a new record. The school seem much more solicitous since our local MP contacted them to ask if he could meet with Joshua. This has nothing to do with any unhappiness we have with the school, Joshua got really involved in the election coverage, and emailed Damian Hinds (must remember not to call him Damian Hurst!) to ask him some questions, and enquire about shadowing him for a day.

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