Monday, 26 July 2010

Lovely Sunday!

We took most of the children to see Toy Story 3 on Sunday morning, Joshua is 'oop norf' at a music festival with friends and probably wouldn't consider himself a child at the grand old age of 13! We loved the film, probably the best children's film I have ever seen. Did I cry? Of course I did! We saw a 10am showing of the film, which meant that we were all done by lunchtime.

I went for a run, one advantage of Joshua not being here is that we can't leave the children 'home alone' without him, so I get to run by myself! I ran up Brockham Hill Lane, and round, past the gym and then home, about 6.5miles in total. It was slow though, I blame Brockham Hill! I haven't run up there in a long time, as Stephen gets impatient with me running so slowly up hills. The weather was odd, going from blazing, burning sunshine to light drizzle, but all in all it was a good run.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing house and garden type things, cutting back some brambles from along the fence etc. We rewarded ourselves with supper in front of 'Top Gear' and the new BBC 1 series 'Sherlock!'

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